Evolution Simulation 1/5
Simulation of agents with intelligent autonomous behaviours in a physical world, allowing survival of only the fittest. Read the next few cards to understand some of the mechanics and reach a conclusion.
Autonomy 2/5
All agents on the screen percieve their surroundings and take actions accoridng to the inputs. For example, if they are alone they will find peers to be with and if they are too crowded into each other they will try and seperate.
Survival 3/5
Agents have hunger saturation, decaying randomly. If hungry, agents will stroll out looking for food that they prefer. Food preferences are coded into the genes randomly, and shown as a colored circle for each agent.
Evolution! 4/5
Overtime the fittest genes will survive. Survivors will pass on their genes as they reproduce, sometimes with mutations. Eventually the simulation will only contain the fittest genes. Can they evolve into immortality?
Sandbox 5/5
Many of the variables in this simulation can be changed. It is interesting to observe how slight changes in the starting conditions yield varying results. A toolbox is included to allow you to tweak variables and play around.